Web Design for Municipal and City Government - The place you live is anything but ordinary, so why should your website be?

Make your community easily accessible to its residents with a custom-built site from Digital Eel.

Municipal / City Government Websites

Digital Eel is proud to have contracted with over a dozen local government organizations and municipalities to develop their websites. Designed to attract new town visitors while informing residents, we'll help you put your best foot forward!

Opening the Lines of Communication

City and municipal websites serve a variety of purposes, and one of those primary purposes is to communicate with the residents and businesses within your jurisdiction. People want to know what's going in the places they live and work. They also want to know the responsibilities of each division of government and who to contact should they have a concern.

City Council & Local Government Websites

Whether you're a small community association looking to establish an online presence on a limited budget, or a larger local government looking to overhaul a large, existing website, including restructuring your site to increase overall user experience, Digital Eel has a solution for you:

  • Local Government Websites
  • Town / City Hall Websites
  • Community Homeowners Associations
  • Small Neighborhood Associations
  • City Parks & Recreation Departments
  • Local Workforce Alliances
  • City Projects & Utilities
  • Fire & Police Departments
  • Neighborhood Crime Watch

Maximizing the Overall User-Experience

Digital Eel believes an area many city and local government websites fail is usability. Time is precious. People will grow frustrated if they have to spend hours locating a single PDF file on a cluttered website, or go through three levels of sub-navigation to find a phone number. By properly organizing your website, including the use of dropdown and collapsible / expandable menus when appropriate, your residents can quickly find the information they are looking for. They will also be more inclined to sound off on important issues and participate in town hall meetings.

A Happy Resident is an Informed One

City government websites allow you to disseminate valuable information quickly and seamlessly to residents and local businesses. This type of information includes:

  • Upcoming Town Hall Meetings
  • Meeting Minutes from City Council
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Upcoming Election Dates
  • New Laws / City Ordinances
  • Recent Crime Watch Statistics
  • Calendar of Events
  • Street Closings

Let's Get Started

"I appreciate Digital Eel for being a very professional company to work with, it has been a pleasure and I have been extremely happy with your service. If my situation should change in the future I will make it a point to get back in touch with you. Once again, thank you to all the staff who were instrumental in putting me on the map. I can't express my gratitude enough. Digital Eel is a top notch company!"

Tom P. - Tampa, FL