Increase your target audience, improve your SEO efforts, and above everything else, make sure your site is accessible to all.

ADA Compliance

It probably seems obvious to you that your business needs to offer accessible facilities for individuals with disabilities – but did you know that websites often fall under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities) Act as well?

Digital Eel can conduct an ADA compliance report on your website, and identify areas that may make navigating the site difficult, or even impossible for a disabled visitor. We can explain the often technical reasons why a site is out of compliance and what ramifications those issues may cause, then create a plan to get your site into compliance.

Having an ADA compliant website will improve usability and expand your audience. We also believe it’s the right thing to do.

Take the first step toward making your website a welcoming experience for all users by contacting Digital Eel today. We’ll take the confusion out of the process, and help you efficiently become ADA compliant and avoid legal jeopardy.

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"Digital Eel are experts in their field and truly committed to helping their clients get the most out of their marketing dollars. We are pleased to be partnered with them and appreciate the excellent support and guidance provided by both Steve and Lorraine. "

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