Our History

We're often asked how we got our name. After all, it isn't often you come across an eel. We thought the same thing. Then one September day, over a decade ago, we saw one. We were walking along St. Pete Beach, just before sunrise — the tide unusually low.

We were preparing to launch a business, and needed some clarity after weeks and weeks of searching for a name. We had some nice ideas, but nothing that felt personal, or mirrored the goals we had envisioned for our new company.

In the distance we saw what appeared to be an object that had washed up along the shore. As we got closer, we realized it was an eel — yellow and brown, and barely alive. We attempted to free the creature by nudging him back to the water. At first he didn't move, and we feared he was dead. Then, after a brief struggle, the eel found its strength and swam back into to the Gulf. We took it as a sign.

That was when we decided to name our company "Digital Eel." Coincidentally, in oneirology, the study of dreams, it is said the eel represents success in business, and signifies positive outcome on a project.

Some may find it silly that we named our business after a chance encounter with a sea creature. But, in a way, it parallels our journey as a company. We had high hopes for the future, but knew that like any business venture, we were going to encounter our share of struggles.

Since 1999, we've had over a thousand satisfied customers. We're happy to say that we not only met our initial expectations as a company — we continue to exceed them. During those early days we worked our tails off, and it's something we haven't forgotten. Because of that mentality, we are committed to going above and beyond for you, our clients. We take pride in your success!


As a constant reminder of our "humble" beginnings, we have "Diggie," who hatched in 2004, a red and black fire eel who serves as our team mascot. Diggie lives in a spacious 175-gallon aquarium housed in the conference room of our St. Pete Beach waterfront office.

He values the companionship of his fish friends and his favorite food is crawfish. Next time you have an appointment with us, be sure to say hello to him. He loves visitors!